PK Prep

PK Prep is a new, luxury styling range that is scientifically formulated to build the foundations of perfect hair. PK Prep uniquely cares for the health of hair whilst helping to deliver session-quality styling results. Created by the experts, the innovative collection delivers effortless control, manageability and shine. It is enriched with super-conditioning and protective ingredients that ensure the long term health of the hair is considered. Polymide-1 one of the ingredients provides natural volume and hold while Quaternized Lipids nourishes the hair to replenish the lipid layer and Elastin  delivers excellent conditioning benefits. PK Prep provides the tools to create any desired style, whilst maintaining the integrity of every strand.

PK Prep 1The trio of products: Perfecting Spray, Plumping Cream and Polishing Balm can be used individually to create different looks, or layered together for head-turning smooth, full and glossy hair. The weightless formulas have been created to give you the confidence to layer and build the range, to create any style, whilst hair remains natural, malleable and modern. Infused with the delicate notes of cherry blossom, PK Prep leaves a beautiful fragrance trail wherever you go.

PK Prep can be used by fine, medium, coarse and African-Caribbean hair types.

The PK Prep perfecting spray is lightweight primer. It is ideal for creating glossy and effortless styles. PK Prep Polishing Balm is a seriously smooth, frizz-fee, smoothing hair balm. PK Prep Plumping Cream is an instant volume, weightless thickening cream.


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