4 Tips for handling curly hair

12063337_1058386247539187_7846391429918682177_n.jpgCaring for very curly hair can be tiring and stressful. Here are a few tips for healthier and happier curly locks. 

Tip #1


Avoid heat styling tools like a hair straightener or curler. Heat treating and styling leaves your curls dry and brittle.  However if avoiding the heat is impossible provide your hair with some protection like Daily Damage Defence. Never use a straightener or curler on wet hair!

Tip #2

Image result for wet curly hair

Finding the right shampoo and conditioner will remove half of the battle each morning. Take note of what your hair type and texture is.  Then select the appropriate shampoo and conditioner that will see to and care for your hair type.

Tip #3


Try not manhandle your hair. The less you touch it the better. If you keep touching your hair then natural oils that occur on your hands will cause it to become heavy and lank.

Tip #4


Lastly, love your curls. You are lucky enough to be gifted with these luscious locks that many spend thousands to imitate.


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